Site Preparation and Deliveries

Serving Michigan since 1989

Delivery Date & Costs

An estimated delivery date will be given when you order. We will then call you and set up an exact day that fits into your schedule. We deliver our own products.

Shed Delivery

We can unload your shed right on your prepared foundation. There must be a clear path to your site with at least two feet of clearance added to the width of the building you ordered. Any curves or angle will require additional space. If you are unsure of your sites accessibility give us a call and we may stop in and check it before you order.

In the event your site is too secluded for our delivery equipment, we can build your shed on site. Please call for more information and pricing.

Site Preparation

It is important to have a proper foundation for your new building. If the area you choose to put your new building is not level it must be graded level and smooth before placing your building. We off this service for $5 a square foot. This service includes 4”-6" of crushed stone, A Pressure treated 4x4 perimeter, Laser leveled and compacted pad makes a wonderful base and allows good drainage as well as being a solid base for your new structure. This stone pad should be two feet longer and two feet wider then the size of your building.

Site Accessibility

Please Note! Site must be accessible! We are entering your property and yard at your request and while every effort will be made to preserve it we cannot be responsible for damage caused to your yard due to soft turf.

Payment Terms

All buildings shall be paid for in full at the time of delivery. We will accept your personal check, a cashiers check, or cash. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and we strive to make every dollar you spend with us a transaction you'll never regret.