Chalet Sheds

Serving Michigan since 1989

A chalet shed is the perfect addition to any yard. Stylish and practical, it is a fantastic solution to all of your outdoor storage needs and its quaint, inviting design will fit into any yardscape. Why limit it to the backyard? It’s beautiful enough that you can even put in in your front yard for all to see!

Our chalet sheds are built on a standard foundation and floor system. The walls are 75 inches high at the eaves inside. Each chalet shed includes a 36-inch, nine-light entry door on the long side, and wood double doors at the end. Roof pitch is 10/12 for the 8-foot and the 10-foot wide style and 9/12 for the 12-foot wide. Sheds can also come built with pressure-treated wood to offer greater resistance to the elements.

We offer 10 standard color options and seven shingle colors for chalet sheds, and we can also do custom color and color matching to make your chalet shed just right for you and your home.